Tips on How to Write a White Paper Template

Writing a white paper template is a taught job for tough guys, actually. You should have a great experience in writing to deal with. Nowadays it is a primary writing paper template for IT companies to promote their new products. It can be used in tandem with some other papers like case studies or some other sales content.

Here you have some informative points about how to write a white paper template. It will help you to get your service noticed and bring some new customers. There is some recognizable format for such papers. So, you should note some most important features of the style.

Before you start your Chicago style research paper template

So first of all you should define your audience and then research your Chicago style research paper template. When you have your plan and audience suggestions you can think about materials, you will need to catch their eye. This point is very important, actually. It can affect your paper’s success. There always will be the people who will focus on some specific and low moments. But, you should not be too focused on details.

Identify Your Topic

It is the first thing you should do, actually. It is very important and requires lots of attention and creativity from you. There should be just one topic for your paper. There should be no discussion of other features for you, you should stay focused. But, at the same time, your paper should achieve several objectives.

Use a Style Guide

You should use a style guide to be sure your paper is right-styled, especially, if you are a beginner. The style guide will help you to set your format, tone, and guidelines. It will also help you to avoid interruptions in your schedule. It also will set the direction and tone for your team members.

Text to Image Ratio

You should have a balance of your text. There should be around 2000 words and some images. It is important to tell about everything that is possible, but, still there should be a balance. So, adding some images will help you to keep the balance, to make your content more interesting and readable. Charts and tables are also good for this purpose. Besides that, images will help you to break large and boring text blocks and give your reader the most important points to remember.

Your images should follow these points:

  • Same size and shape
  • Correct position on the page
  • There should be an explanatory caption
  • It should not be a distraction for the reader

White Paper Structure

Every white paper should have the following sections:

  • Introduction – an opening section.
  • High-Level Solution – it describes the relevant technologies.
  • Solution Details – it explains how the service, technology, or business model works. Business Benefits – it discusses the return on investments.
  • Summary – close the paper with a concise summary.
  • Conclusion

And the final tip for you is to remember the purpose of your paper. It is a sales content. It should not be some kind of a technical guide. You should leave it for some period of time to return later for proofreading.