Essay on Bullying: Write Easily About the Complex Things

Persuasive essay requires taking a stand in a controversial issue. Bullying is one of the most recent acute concerns of American educators (not to mention the victims of bullying). Here are some tips to deal with this complex subject. They will work for you regardless from what thesis statement you’ve chosen.

  1. Research the academic literature. Bullying is gaining popularity in social sciences. You may look for special issues of magazines. Also, there is a chance to find an article about bullying in the studies of posttraumatic disorders or group psychology.
  2. Read about educational problems. There are special issues of educational management magazines for this, even about such specific subjects as bulling on the web, so you can research for your cyber bullying essay. Educators are publishing conference papers on the topic.
  3. Learn and tell the stories. Get some kids to talk about the cases. Get other people re-collecting their experience of being bullied or bullying. It will make your essay on bullying in school realistic. However, be careful talking about personal attitudes: social sciences are all about being neutral. Every story you re-tell needs a concluding passage with a deliberate analysis. To write it, learn more about writing case studies. It is an accepted practice in journalism and many Liberal Arts to start with a story and proceed to analysis.
  4. Try to problematize the topic by analyzing mass culture. For instance, talk about the movie Experiment and the research by F. Zimbardo. Other movies that deal with violence will also do.
  5. Find historical precedents. USSR is a perfect example of large-scale bullying. American history also has something to offer. The phenomenon of fear is cross-cultural.

A persuasive essay may make you defend your viewpoint in front of the audience. Remember that your audience may have different attitudes and try to predict the main objections. Keep that in mind and create really persuasive essays on bullying!