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Have you ever tried to find a really worthy custom writing service? If you have and failed, we are sorry for you. If you haven’t, we’ll spare you some trouble and confess that we have a service in mind – the one to help you out in the most difficult situations. We are talking about customessaymaker.net, naturally. Continue reading

Bestessay4u.com review


Bestessay4you.com is a well-known professional in the custom writing business, which has been serving its customers since 2006. Over the years, it has grown its clientele and opened a new (quality) stage in the history of custom writing. Here is a brief review of what they have to offer to their customers.
Efficient, thorough and supportive – this is the motto announced on the website of the service, and they pay every effort to support it. The site describes the scope of services provided as well as informs the customer on the rates. Continue reading

BuyEssay.net review


BuyEssay.net is a company that offers various custom writing services to its clients. It has been working in this area for over 4 years now. It reached some degree of popularity among the students.
The first thing that draws your attention on the web-site is a so-called happiness graph. While it is a metaphorical reflection of the BuyEssay.net goal (to make ALL its customers happy) and a nice design element, for you as a client it means that the service will deliver the paper you ordered on time and that it guarantees your high grade. Continue reading

CustomResearchPaper.net review


CustomResearchPaper.net is a service that offers custom writing for students located in Britain and the USA, as well as those studying in English-speaking universities in other countries. The company is a novice yet it has already made some reputation with the customers. Here we provided a brief summary of what they have to offer and tried to make the evaluation of their work quality and price level. Continue reading

Essay4less review

essay4less.com Essay4less.com is a relative novice in the custom writing business, yet it has already drawn sufficient attention and gained some popularity. Aptly named, it offers custom papers of supreme quality at lower prices. What are other features of this service? We decided to find out. The web-site of the service is a place where you can find all information you need about the services provided as well as the prices and timeframes. The home page gives a general idea of what to expect from the company, while others are more specific and offer answers to certain queries. Continue reading

EssayCapital.com review


EssayCapital.com has been on the custom writing market for some time. It has drawn attention and received positive as well as negative feedbacks. If you are about to use this, we hope this information will help you decide whether it is a worthy choice.
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EssayWriter.org review


EssayWriter.org is a company that offers various services in the custom writing area. It clientele keeps growing, and the name is quite known among its target customers. Here we provided a brief description of what it has to offer.
The website of the service has nine separate pages to explore – Home, About, Why Choose Us, Prices, Buy Online, Discounts, Guarantees, Contact Us and the Customers Area. Its design has a nice-to-look-at shade of blue and offers information about the services provided. Continue reading

Essay on Bullying: Write Easily About the Complex Things

Persuasive essay requires taking a stand in a controversial issue. Bullying is one of the most recent acute concerns of American educators (not to mention the victims of bullying). Here are some tips to deal with this complex subject. They will work for you regardless from what thesis statement you’ve chosen. Continue reading

What Is Scareware and How to Beat IT

Some malware companies are actively using unethical tactics of scaring the users into downloading or even buying their products. They tell the users that their computers are under the threat, and that they should immediately download their software (which is actually malware) to deal with these threats. Such tactics are called scareware and actually it is quite easy to detect this scareware. If you suddenly see the ad shouting something like “You Mac is at risk!!!” or “You’ve got a virus! Click here to remove it! Download now!”, then it is definitely scareware. Never click any download buttons in such ads, and better install a legitimate security program that will block such ads.

The Mac OS X is believed to be a very secure operating system, with built-in protection against possible viruses, malware, adware, etc. However, even Mac OS X can be vulnerable at times, and, unfortunately, it is proven by existence of viruses that can harm the Mac OS X. One of such viruses is Mac Defender, which also comes under the names of Mac Protection, Mac Security, Mac Guard, and the like. This virus uses the scareware tactics, promising to remove malware from your Mac, but actually being a piece of malware itself. Therefore, you should watch out and not buy into these scaring and intimidating tactics.


Is MacKeeper also a Scareware Virus?

MacKeeper is often confused with the Mac Defender virus as their names sound alike. Moreover, this software, among other functions, claims to remove viruses from a Mac, so MacKeeper ads can be confused with Mac Defender ads and therefore mislead the Mac users into thinking that MacKeeper is also scareware or a virus. Many Mac user forums and communities are full of advice on how to remove the “MacKeeper malware.” But the truth is that MacKeeper is not malware, and here are some facts that prove this.

  1. MacKeeper has dozens of reviews from real satisfied customers all over the internet, including also the video reviews.
  2. MacKeeper antivirus was awarded as a top security software program by VB100 and AV Comparatives.
  3. MacKeeper has its own analytical security center headed by independent security researcher Chris Vickery.
  4. MacKeeper has a unique Human Assistance service, which employs Apple Certified Support Professionals who provide high-quality technical support services.
  5. MacKeeper offers a 15-day fully functional trial, and during this period you will have enough time to decide whether it is scareware or not.

MacFinest  Is MacKeeper Legit? – You Should Know the Truth article provides unbiased pros and cons about MacKeeper.


About MacKeeper

MacKeeper is like a universal toolbox for the Mac OS X. Everything that you need for your Mac is available in the MacKeeper bundle. In addition to the antivirus and human assistance services that have been already mentioned above, MacKeeper offers the following functionality:

  1. Anti-Theft. If you get unlucky and your Mac gets stolen, you can track it down with the help of Anti-Theft and its Track My Mac app for iOS. You will even get a photo of the person who took away your Mac.
  2. Fast Cleanup. Promises to remove junk files from your Mac easily and safely, not touching your important data. Deletes temporary files, binaries, and interface languages.
  3. Duplicates Finder. Detects and removes redundant copies of your files.
  4. Files Recovery. Restores files that were accidentally removed, not only from your Mac, but also from external USB devices.
  5. Data Encryptor. Makes your personal data even more personal by encrypting it with the complex encryption algorithms.
  6. Update Tracker. Manages updates for all your apps in just one place.