The criteria for the selection of a private school in England


The criteria for the selection of a private school in England

Imagine that you need to send the child in an English school, and the options are so variable, that it is very difficult to navigate. What you should do? You go to the exhibition, communicate with representatives of schools, see the sites, flipping through brochures, read reviews and ask friends who have children already studying in England. This is still the feeling that your child needs something in particular that is suitable to him.

When choosing a term paper writing service, we recommend paying attention to the 7 basic criteria. Among them there are both objective (ratings, income statistics in universities), and subjective (school environment).

  1. Schools Ratings

Position in rating is one of the most objective criteria. In the UK, published annually «Times» ratings, «Daily Telegraph», «Best Schools» as a result of A-Level and IB. In these schools are ranked according to the results of final examinations (what percentage of students got A / A * at A-Level, and what is the average score in the school IB).

Often families choose schools on the basis of a good income statistics Oxbridge – for example, Sevenoaks School (15%), Tonbridge School (17%), Westminster School (52%). Rating and the percentage of income – it is a perfect starting point for drawing up the initial list is further based on individual preferences. The statistics for each individual case and perform analytics in which universities received students how school choice has influenced them to fall into one or another university.

  1. Training program: A-Levels or IB

The English system of A-Levels and the International Baccalaureate IB – they are two interchangeable high school program. They correspond to the last two classes and completed final exams, which are counted as the entrance to the university.

On the A-Levels students studying in depth 3, 4, 5 subjects that relate to future specialty. On IB, high school students study three discipline-depth level and three – on the standard, as well as writing an essay, pass an exam on the theory of knowledge and perform component CAS (creativity, sport, social work).

Universities equally accept certificates of A-Levels and IB, but carefully look at the points and objects. For Oxford, Cambridge and universities «Russell Group» is important is a good combination of fundamental disciplines (mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, geography, history) and other subjects (economics, computer technology, business, psychology).

About the Author: Morris Derton is a student. He is from UK.

Polytechnic University of Turin (Politecnico di Torino)


Polytechnic University of Turin (Politecnico di Torino) is the oldest technical university in Italy and one of the top engineering institutions in Europe. The main areas of research are architecture, engineering, computer science and industrial design. It was founded in 1859 as the Engineering University.

Polytechnic University of Turin is very popular among foreign students, who mainly come here to study subjects in Italian. There are also programs in English.

The university provides its students with high level of teaching, an extensive knowledge base and, of course, the glorious tradition of the university. Degree education in university on high level and students don’t need to use cheap research papers.

According to the QS World University Rankings by Subject, Polytechnic University of Turin in 2015 was included in the top 50 universities in the world in such areas as: electrical engineering, electronic equipment and civil engineering.

There is also an international rating Index University Business Incubator, according to which Polytechnic University of Turin is on the first place in Italy, the fifth in Europe and it takes the fifteenth place in the world.
1. Building Engineering and Territorial Systems
2. Electronics
3. Structural and Geotechnical Engineering
4. Energetics
5. Land, Environment and Geo-Engineering
6. Housing and City
7. Physics
8. Mathematics
9. Mechanics
10. Human Settlements Science and Technology
11. Electrical Engineering
12. Control and Computer Engineering
13. Architectural and Industrial Design
14. Hydraulics, Transport and Civil Infrastructures
15. Inter-university Territorial Studies and Planning
16. Aerospace Engineering
17. Materials Science and Chemical Engineering
18. Production Systems and Business Economics

To become a student of the University of Turin on any of the courses you need to apply all the necessary documents within a specified period.
Since higher education in Italy has a very democratic price, on both programs and on the accommodation. For the students, who want to get a master’s degree at the Turin Polytechnic Institute, tuition fee is quite inexpensive – the average cost per semester will be about 4,000 euros. The significant part of students receives financial assistance from the University or the Italian Ministry of education. Although the University does not guarantee conditional financial assistance, the chance to get a

General Sites To Help Students

1. MentalFloss. For some people this is another time-consuming website with no specific information on studies. This is true, it isn’t an assignment helper or custom paper service, but MentalFloss can still be effective if you wish to learn something. It is a paradise for geeks and those who seek information on culture and science. It may not be the best place for students who want to get ready for an exam, but it is okay if you have time to waste and don’t mind reading an article on food. This may be procrastination, but at least you’ll learn something positive!
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